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Zambrana-Ortiz, Nellie J. - Pedagogy in (E)Motion, e-kirja

Pedagogy in (E)Motion

Zambrana-Ortiz, Nellie J.


Ideas in Motion: Students as Researchers, Tourists, Artisans, Storytellers and Bricoulers
Nellie J. Zambrana-Ortiz
7. Issues of Trust and Doubt: Constant Movement
Nellie J. Zambrana-Ortiz
8. Resilience, Resistance, and Reinvention
Nellie J. Zambrana-Ortiz

Rivers, Damian J. - Resistance to the Known, e-kirja

Resistance to the Known

Rivers, Damian J.


Language-Learner Tourists in Australia: Problematizing ‘the Known’ and its Impact on Interculturality
Phiona Stanley
3. A Greek Tragedy: Understanding and Challenging ‘the Known’ from a Complexity Perspective
Achilleas Kostoulas
4. Symbolic

Brown, Alan - Identities at Work, e-kirja

Identities at Work

Brown, Alan


Table of contents
Part One. Vocational Identity in Theory and Empirical Research
1. Decomposing and Recomposing Occupational Identities—A Survey of Theoretical Concepts
2. Tensions in the Vocational Identity of Danish Bankers
Morten Smistrup
3. The Role of Developing a Vocational Identity for Women—The Example

Gran, Eric - The Real Las Vegas : Life Beyond the Strip, e-kirja

The Real Las Vegas : Life Beyond the Strip

Gran, Eric


In this close-up investigation of the real lives being led in America's most tourist-jammed, gambling-driven city, readers will discover a Las Vegas very different from the one they may have seen or imagined.

Smith, Peter Scharff - Scandinavian Penal History, Culture and Prison Practice, e-kirja

Scandinavian Penal History, Culture and Prison Practice

Smith, Peter Scharff


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction: Punishment, Welfare and Prison History in Scandinavia
Peter Scharff Smith, Thomas Ugelvik
Part II. The Developmentof Scandinavian Prison Practice
2. “First We Build the Factory, Then We Add the Institution”: Prison, Work and Welfare State in Sweden

Marques, Claudia Lima - Consumer Law and Socioeconomic Development, e-kirja

Consumer Law and Socioeconomic Development

Marques, Claudia Lima


The Supranational Organizations’ Initiatives Aimed at Protection of Tourists. Why International Conventions Are Needed
Maria Goretti Sanches Lima
7. Chinese Approaches to Reform Consumer Protection Law: Substantive Law and Conflict Law
Ying Yu