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Webster-Wright, Ann - Authentic Professional Learning, e-kirja

Authentic Professional Learning

Webster-Wright, Ann


Table of contents
1. Professional Learning at Work
Ann Webster-Wright
2. Mapping the Research Terrain
Ann Webster-Wright
3. A Phenomenological Perspective
Ann Webster-Wright
4. Delving into Methodology
Ann Webster-Wright
5. Authentic Professional Learning
Ann Webster-Wright
6. Rhetoric

Sellars, Maura - Numeracy in Authentic Contexts, e-kirja

Numeracy in Authentic Contexts

Sellars, Maura


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction to Book: Understanding Numeracy
1. Mathematics and Numeracy in a Global Society
Maura Sellars
2. Teaching and Learning for Numeracy Competence
Maura Sellars
3. The Mathematical Brain

Dall?Alba, Gloria - Exploring Education Through Phenomenology: Diverse Approaches, e-kirja

Exploring Education Through Phenomenology: Diverse Approaches

Dall?Alba, Gloria


Brings together a series of essays by an international team of philosophers and educationalists Juxtaposes diverse approaches to phenomenological inquiry and addresses questions of significance for education today Demonstrates why phenomenology is a contemporary movement that is both dynamic and varied Highlights

Dark, Kimberly - Ways of Being in Teaching, e-kirja

Ways of Being in Teaching

Dark, Kimberly


Table of contents
1. Living, Loving, and Dancing the Questions
Celeste Snowber
2. Loving Teaching
John J. Guiney Yallop
3. A Bone of Contention
Sean Wiebe
4. Authentic Teaching
Helen Ferrara
5. Education, Reaching
Kimberly Dark
6. Ways of Being, Belonging, and Becoming
Peter R.