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Walker, Mark - Free Money for All, e-kirja

Free Money for All

Walker, Mark


Table of contents
1. Basic Income Guarantee
Mark Walker
2. Paying for Basic Income Guarantee
Mark Walker
3. Fulltime Capitalism: Basic Income Guarantee as a Dividend from State Capital
Mark Walker
4. Capitalism: Consequentialism versus Rights
Mark Walker
5. Peace, Robots, and Technological

Stroud, Dick - Marketing to the Ageing Consumer, e-kirja

Marketing to the Ageing Consumer

Stroud, Dick


Evaluating age-friendliness
Dick Stroud, Kim Walker
11. Creating an age-friendly strategy
Dick Stroud, Kim Walker
12. Age-friendly employers and governments
Dick Stroud, Kim Walker

Walker, Douglas M. - Casinonomics, e-kirja


Walker, Douglas M.


18. Relationships Among Gambling Industries
Douglas M. Walker
19. Overview of Part III
Douglas M. Walker
Part IV. Conclusion
20. Past and Future
Douglas M.

Walker, Douglas M. - The Economics of Casino Gambling, e-kirja

The Economics of Casino Gambling

Walker, Douglas M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Casino gambling and economic growth
3. Misconceptions about casinos and growth
4. Evidence on the growth effects of gambling
5. Relationships among U.S. gambling industries
6. The social costs of…