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Biberman, Jerry - Stories to Tell Your Students, e-kirja

Stories to Tell Your Students

Biberman, Jerry


Table of contents
Part I. Formal Workplace Reflection Stories
1. Powerful or Influential?
Joan Marques
2. The “Me” Place
Jerry Biberman
3. Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken!
Thomas A. Conklin
4. I Bet You Never Had a Cat Thrown at You in Your Job
Gary Stark
5. Being the Boss isn’t Easy

Sagner, James - Working Capital Management: Applications and Case Studies, e-kirja

Working Capital Management: Applications and Case Studies

Sagner, James


Stay liquid, think global, and better manage resources with this authoritative guide
Working Capital Management is a comprehensive primer on keeping your business financially competitive in the face of limited access to short-term funds. With detailed insight applicable to each phase

Stagars, Manuel - Open Data in Southeast Asia, e-kirja

Open Data in Southeast Asia

Stagars, Manuel


Introduction: A Short History of Open Data, Rationales, and Complexity
Manuel Stagars
2. Promises, Barriers, and Success Stories of Open Data
Manuel Stagars
3. Conceptual and Legal Framework, Definitions, Principles, and Global Open Data Initiatives

Orwel, George - Black Gold: The New Frontier in Oil for Investors, e-kirja

Black Gold: The New Frontier in Oil for Investors

Orwel, George


You'll find investment suggestions -- from ETFs and energy futures to hedge funds -- that will allow you to reap substantial profits from current and future situations as well as short human-interest stories that illustrate every issue discussed. You'll also find a

Adams, Abigail E. - International Volunteer Tourism, e-kirja

International Volunteer Tourism

Adams, Abigail E.


Untellable Stories and the Limits of Solidarity in a Sister-Community Relationship
Ellen Moodie
6. Who Is a Global Citizen? Manifestations of Theory in Practice
Katherine Daly
7. What We Are About to Do Is Highly Problematic: The Unpaved Road from Service