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Tonchia, Stefano - Performance Measurement, e-kirja

Performance Measurement

Tonchia, Stefano


Table of contents
1. Performance Measurement and Indicators
Stefano Tonchia, Luca Quagini
2. Cost and Productivity Performances
Stefano Tonchia, Luca Quagini
3. Non-cost Performances
Stefano Tonchia, Luca Quagini
4. Performance Measurement Systems
Stefano Tonchia, Luca Quagini
5. Design and

Feibel, Bruce J. - Investment Performance Measurement, e-kirja

Investment Performance Measurement

Feibel, Bruce J.


Many investment books include a chapter or two on investment performance measurement or focus on a single aspect, but only one book addresses the breadth of the field. Investment Performance Measurement

Kleindienst, Bernd - Performance Measurement und Management, e-kirja

Performance Measurement und Management

Kleindienst, Bernd


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Bernd Kleindienst
2. Wissenschaftstheoretische Grundlagen
Bernd Kleindienst
3. Performance Measurement und Management
Bernd Kleindienst
4. Change Management
Bernd Kleindienst
5. Modell zur Entwicklung und Implementierung von PMM-Systemen
Bernd Kleindienst

Islam, Sardar M. N. - Performance Measurement in Corporate Governance, e-kirja

Performance Measurement in Corporate Governance

Islam, Sardar M. N.


Critical Literature Review: The Roles of Organization Behaviour, Corporate Governance and Supply Chain Management in the Measurement of Performance for Commercial Enterprises in a Global Knowledge Economy
Alex Manzoni, Sardar M.N. Islam
4. Conceptual Framework