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Deane, Barbara - Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion, e-kirja

Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion

Deane, Barbara

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Connects inclusion to multiple dimensions of diversity (including gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, social class, religion, profession, and many others) in integrative ways, incorporating specific and relevant examples. Includes models, illustrations, and cases

Beham, Barbara - Managing Diversity in Organizations, e-kirja

Managing Diversity in Organizations

Beham, Barbara


Gender and nationality pay gaps in light of organisational theories
Elke Wolf, Miriam Beblo, Clemens Ohlert
6. Women on German management boards
Jana Oehmichen, Marc Steffen Rapp, Michael Wolff

Auth, Diana - Gender and Family in European Economic Policy, e-kirja

Gender and Family in European Economic Policy

Auth, Diana


Equal Pay by Gender and by Nationality: A Comparative Analysis of Switzerland’s Unequal Equal Pay Policy Regimes Across Time*
Roland Erne, Natalie Imboden
Part III. Gender Equality in the Realm of the Family
6. Reconciliation of Employment and Childcare

Baum, Andrew - Global Property Investment: Strategies, Structures, Decisions, e-kirja

Global Property Investment: Strategies, Structures, Decisions

Baum, Andrew


Developments in the sophistication of global real estate markets mean that global real estate investment is now being executed professionally. Thanks to academic enquiry, professional analysis and entrepreneurial activity, backed by the globalisation of all investment activity, there is now an available body of material which

Dolles, Harald - Sport as a Business, e-kirja

Sport as a Business

Dolles, Harald


Gender, Race and Nationality: An Examination of Print Media Coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics
Andrea N. Eagleman, Erin L. McNary
7. Enhancing Public Sports Facilities: A Representation of the Global Value
Bernard Augé, Arnaud Pedenon, Alexandre Vernhet

Petruzzellis, Luca - Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing, e-kirja

Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing

Petruzzellis, Luca


Exploring Resident Versus Visiting Nationalities’ Perceptions on Airport Service Quality
Angelos Pantouvakis, Maria Karakasnaki, Maria Francesca Renzi
190. Hedonic Ethics: Understanding Tourists’ Self-Defined Ethical Experiences
Sheila Malone