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Moutinho, Luiz - Innovative Research Methodologies in Management, e-kirja

Innovative Research Methodologies in Management

Moutinho, Luiz


Hosting a Successful Metamodern Party: Mixed Methods Management Research on the Web 2.0+
Anna K. Zarkada, George G. Panigyrakis, Eugenia Tzoumaka
2. Why Consumer Psychology Needs Neurophilosophy
Paul M. W. Hackett, Gordon R. Foxall
3. Emotivity and

Barry, Chris - Complexity in Information Systems Development, e-kirja

Complexity in Information Systems Development

Barry, Chris


Automation of the Incremental Integration of Microservices Architectures
Miguel Zúñiga-Prieto, Emilio Insfran, Silvia Abrahão, Carlos Cano-Genoves
5. Browsing Digital Collections with Reconfigurable Faceted Thesauri
Joaquín Gayoso-Cabada, Daniel Rodríguez-Cerezo,