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Jeanes, Emma - Handbook of Gender, Work and Organization, e-kirja

Handbook of Gender, Work and Organization

Jeanes, Emma

Alk. 111,85€

Its authors represent eight countries and many disciplines including management, sociology, political science, and gender studies. The chapters, by top scholars in their areas of expertise, offer both reviews and empirical findings, and insights and challenges for

Howie, Gillian - Women and the Divine, e-kirja

Women and the Divine

Howie, Gillian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gillian Howie, J’annine Jobling
2. Toward a Divine in the Feminine
Luce Irigaray
3. Transcendence and Feminist Philosophy
Pamela Sue Anderson
4. Transcendence, Materialism, and the Reenchantment of Nature
Patrice Haynes
5. Transcendence and Immanence

Bagilhole, Barbara - Gender, Power and Management, e-kirja

Gender, Power and Management

Bagilhole, Barbara


Introduction: Building a Feminist Research Network
Barbara Bagilhole, Kate White
2. Legislative Frameworks for Equal Opportunities
Kate White
3. Gender Equality and the Shift from Collegiality to Managerialism
Anita Göransson
4. Research Design

Lewis, Patricia - Revealing and Concealing Gender, e-kirja

Revealing and Concealing Gender

Lewis, Patricia


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Theoretical Insights into the Practices of Revealing and Concealing Gender within Organizations
Patricia Lewis, Ruth Simpson
2. Living and Working in Grey Areas: Gender (In)visibility and Organizational Space
Melissa Tyler, Laurie Cohen
3. A Question of Membership

Gordon, Pamela A. - Succession Planning, e-kirja

Succession Planning

Gordon, Pamela A.


The Feminist Perspective of Implicit Bias in Succession Planning in Healthcare
Cheryl LaFollette Anderson
13. Are You Preparing a Successor? Succession Planning in a Small, Private Practice, Healthcare Setting
Tamara J. Reeves
14. Succession Planning