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Donzé, Pierre-Yves - Global Luxury, e-kirja

Global Luxury

Donzé, Pierre-Yves


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pierre-Yves Donzé, Rika Fujioka
Part I. Organizational Change
2. The Birth of Luxury Big Business: LVMH, Richemont and Kering
Pierre-Yves Donzé
3. Italian Luxury Goods Industry on the Move: SMEs and Global Value Chains
Elisabetta Merlo
4. Luxury Brand Outsiders:

Dahl, Gary - Advertising For Dummies, e-kirja

Advertising For Dummies

Dahl, Gary


But how can you make your ad look and sound like champagne if your budget can only afford beer? Are you wasting your time trying to sell ice to an Eskimo?
The world of advertising can seem like a daunting place—but it doesn’t have to be. Advertising

Dietrich, Timo - Segmentation in Social Marketing, e-kirja

Segmentation in Social Marketing

Dietrich, Timo


Table of contents
1. Segmentation in Social Marketing: Why We Should Do It More Often that We Currently Do
Krzysztof Kubacki, Timo Dietrich, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele
Part I. Segmentation in Social Marketing
2. An Umbrella Review of the Use of Segmentation in Social Marketing Interventions
Krzysztof Kubacki, Sharyn

Giraud-Héraud, Eric - Wine Economics, e-kirja

Wine Economics

Giraud-Héraud, Eric


The Economic Value of Wine Names That Reference Place in the US Market: Analysis of ‘Champagne’ and Sparkling Wine
Hyunok Lee, Daniel A. Sumner
6. The Price of Wine: Does the Bottle Size Matter?
Jean-François Outreville
7. Wine Judging and Tasting