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Cao, Jie - Modern Emergency Management, e-kirja

Modern Emergency Management

Cao, Jie


Table of contents
Part I. Fundamentals of Emergency Management
1. Overview of Emergency Management
Jie Cao, Li Zhu, He Han, Xiaodong Zhu
2. Emergency Management System
Jie Cao, Li Zhu, He Han, Xiaodong Zhu
3. Basic Principles for Emergency Management
Jie Cao, Li Zhu, He Han, Xiaodong Zhu
Part II.

Buzdugan, Stephen - Impact of International Business, e-kirja

Impact of International Business

Buzdugan, Stephen


Introduction: Impact of International Business: Challenges and Solutions for Policy and Practice
Heinz Tüselmann, Stephen Buzdugan, Qi Cao, David Freund, Sougand Golesorkhi
Part I. The Impact of Locations, Institutions and Governments
2. Effects of Geographic,

Cheng, Siwei - The Chinese Stock Market Volume I, e-kirja

The Chinese Stock Market Volume I

Cheng, Siwei


Characteristics of Different Styles and Sectors in China’s Stock Market
Wen Long, Ding Mu Cao, Wenning Yang, Tongyuan Shen
5. Development and Problems of Stock Index Futures and Margin Trading and Short Selling in China
Zhou Zhou
6. Development, Problems

Chen, Huajun - Semantic e-Science, e-kirja

Semantic e-Science

Chen, Huajun


Table of contents
1. Supporting e-Science Using Semantic Web Technologies – The Semantic Grid
David Roure, Carole Goble
2. Semantic Disclosure in an e-Science Environment
M. Scott Marshall, Marco Roos, Edgar Meij, Sophia Katrenko, Willem Robert Hage, Pieter W. Adriaans
3. A Smart e-Science Cyberinfrastructure

Ermoliev, Yuri - Managing Safety of Heterogeneous Systems, e-kirja

Managing Safety of Heterogeneous Systems

Ermoliev, Yuri


Sustainable Agriculture in China: Estimation and Reduction of Nitrogen Impacts
Günther Fischer, Wilfried Winiwarter, Tatiana Ermolieva, Gui-Ying Cao, Harrij Velthuizen, Zbigniew Klimont, Wolfgang Schoepp, Wim Veen, David Wiberg, Fabian Wagner
17. Evaluation

Aoki, Masahiko - The Chinese Economy, e-kirja

The Chinese Economy

Aoki, Masahiko


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Masahiko Aoki
Part I. Fitoussi Lecture
2. Economics and China’s Economic Rise
Wu Jinglian
Part II. Perspectives of the Chinese Economy
3. China’s Investment and GDP Growth Boom: When and How will it End?
Dwight H. Perkins
4. Six Systemic Reforms with which

Olson, David L. - New Frontiers in Enterprise Risk Management, e-kirja

New Frontiers in Enterprise Risk Management

Olson, David L.


Table of contents
I. Preliminary
1. Introduction
D. L. Olson, D. Wu
2. The Human Reaction to Risk and Opportunity
D. R. Koenig
II. ERM Perspectives
3. Enterprise Risk Management: Financial and Accounting Perspectives
D. Wu, D. L. Olson
4. An Empirical Study on Enterprise Risk Management in Insurance

Schreyögg, Georg - Self-Reinforcing Processes in and among Organizations, e-kirja

Self-Reinforcing Processes in and among Organizations

Schreyögg, Georg


Table of contents
1. Self-Reinforcing Processes in Organizations, Networks, and Fields — An Introduction
Jörg Sydow, Georg Schreyögg
Part I. Path Dependence by Self-Reinforcing Processes
2. Self-Reinforcing Mechanisms in Organizational Fields: The Development of an Innovation Path in the Car Industry