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Gridley, Neil - Brand Romance, e-kirja

Brand Romance

Gridley, Neil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yasushi Kusume, Neil Gridley
Part 1. Know Who You Are
2. Commitment 1: Think of Your Brand as a Person
Yasushi Kusume, Neil Gridley
Part 2. Know Your Audience
3. Commitment 2: Understand Short-…

Armstrong, Peter - Critique of Entrepreneurship, e-kirja

Critique of Entrepreneurship

Armstrong, Peter


The Flight of the Accountant: a Romance of Air and Credit
Peter Armstrong
4. Entrepreneurship and the Tactics of Empathy: Meditation on a Text by Sir Richard Branson
Peter Armstrong
5. Subsidizing Entrepreneurship
Peter Armstrong
6. Science,

López, Edward J. - The Pursuit of Justice, e-kirja

The Pursuit of Justice

López, Edward J.


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to The Pursuit of Justice
Edward J. López
2. The Rise of Government Law Enforcement in England
Nicholas A. Curott, Edward P. Stringham
3. Electoral Pressures and the Legal System: Friends or Foes?
Russell S. Sobel, Matt E. Ryan, Joshua C. Hall
4. Romancing Forensics:

Fernández, Alberto Lavîn - Boards Under Crisis, e-kirja

Boards Under Crisis

Fernández, Alberto Lavîn


Introduction: The Clash of the Romance of Leadership with Real Practice during Crisis
Alberto Lavîn Fernández, Carmelo Mazza
2. The Crisis in the Boardroom, or How This Crisis is Perceived in Corporate Settings
Alberto Lavîn Fernández, Carmelo Mazza