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Assad, Arjang A. - Profiles in Operations Research, e-kirja

Profiles in Operations Research

Assad, Arjang A.


Table of contents
1. Patrick Blackett
Maurice W. Kirby, Jonathan Rosenhead
2. Steven Vajda
Jakob Krarup
3. Philip McCord Morse
Robert M. Oliver
4. John von Neumann
Saul I. Gass
5. Charles Frederick Goodeve

Johnson, Michael P. - Community-Based Operations Research, e-kirja

Community-Based Operations Research

Johnson, Michael P.


Community-Based Operations Research: Introduction, Theory, and Applications
Michael P. Johnson
2. “Community-Based Operations Research”
Michael P. Johnson, Karen Smilowitz
3. Operations Management in Community-Based

Fleuren, Hein - Operations Research Proceedings 2004, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2004

Fleuren, Hein


Stochastic Models of Customer Portfolio Management in Call Centers
Oualid Jouini, Yves Dallery, Rabie Nait-Abdallah
9. An Milp Modelling Approach for Shelf Life Integrated Planning in Yoghurt Production
M. Lütke Entrup, M. Grunow, H.O. Günther, T. Seiler,

Helber, Stefan - Operations Research Proceedings 2012, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2012

Helber, Stefan


Customer-Oriented Delay Management in Public Transportation Networks Offering Navigation Services
Lucienne Günster, Michael Schröder
52. Sustainability Assessment and Relevant Indicators of Steel Support Structures for Offshore Wind Turbines
Peter Schaumann,

Doerner, Kar - Operations Research Proceedings 2015, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2015

Doerner, Kar


European Air Traffic Flow Management with Strategic Deconfliction
Jan Berling, Alexander Lau, Volker Gollnick
39. On Optimally Allocating Tracks in Complex Railway Stations
Reyk Weiß, Michael Kümmling, Jens Opitz
Part IV. Metaheuristics and Multiple

Koster, Arie - Operations Research Proceedings 2014, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2014

Koster, Arie


Table of contents
1. Experimental Validation of an Enhanced System Synthesis Approach
Lena C. Altherr, Thorsten Ederer, Ulf Lorenz, Peter F. Pelz, Philipp Pöttgen
2. Stochastic Dynamic Programming Solution of a Risk-Adjusted Disaster Preparedness…

Fink, Andreas - Operations Research Proceedings 2016, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2016

Fink, Andreas


Revenue Management Meets Carsharing: Optimizing the Daily Business
Justine Broihan, Max Möller, Kathrin Kühne, Marc Sonneberg, Michael H. Breitner
57. Exogenous Capacity Changes in Airline Revenue Management: Quantifying

Hu, Bo - Operations Research Proceedings 2010, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2010

Hu, Bo


Robust Risk Management in Hydro-Electric Pumped Storage Plants
Apostolos Fertis, Lukas Abegg
17. Copulas, Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Measurement of Stochastic Dependencies Before and During the Financial Crisis
Peter Grundke, Simone Dieckmann
18. Confidence

Brandeau, Margaret L. - Operations Research and Health Care, e-kirja

Operations Research and Health Care

Brandeau, Margaret L.


Supply Chain Management of Blood Banks
William P. Pierskalla
6. Evaluating the Efficiency of Hospitals’ Perioperative Services Using Dea
Liam O’Neill, Franklin Dexter
7. Benchmarking Using DEA: The Case of Mental Health Organizations