Haku "History of Mathematical Sciences"

Maas, Harro - The Making of Experimental Economics, e-kirja

The Making of Experimental Economics

Maas, Harro


Episodes from the Early History of Experimentation in Economics
Andreas Ortmann
10. Erratum to: A Witness Seminar on the Emergence of Experimental Economics
Harro Maas, Andrej Svorenčík

Dimand, Robert W. - Keynes’s General Theory After Seventy Years, e-kirja

Keynes’s General Theory After Seventy Years

Dimand, Robert W.


Keynes and the Social Sciences: Contributions Outside of Economics, with Applications to Economic Anthropology and Comparative Systems
Mathew Forstater
9. Keynes’ Enduring Legacy
Richard N. Cooper
10. The Principle of Effective Demand: The Key to

Marciano, Alain - Law and Economics in Europe and the U.S., e-kirja

Law and Economics in Europe and the U.S.

Marciano, Alain


Table of contents
1. The Law, The Economy, The Polity Jürgen Backhaus, A Thinker Outside the Box
Jean-Michel Josselin, Alain Marciano, Giovanni Battista Ramello
2. Economic Efficiency and the Law: Distinguishing Form from Substance

Frantz, Roger - Minds, Models and Milieux, e-kirja

Minds, Models and Milieux

Frantz, Roger


From The Sciences of the Artificial to Cognitive History
Subrata Dasgupta
5. Rationality and the True Human Condition
Ron Sun
6. Boundedly Rational Decision-Making under Certainty and Uncertainty: Some Reflections on Herbert Simon
Mark Pingle

Groenewegen, Peter - Alfred Marshall, e-kirja

Alfred Marshall

Groenewegen, Peter


Marshall’s Moral Sciences Apprenticeship and Search for a New Vocation (1866–77)
Peter Groenewegen
4. Bristol and Oxford (1877–84) and Two ‘Small’ Books (1879)
Peter Groenewegen
5. Professor at Cambridge (1885–1908) and Adviser to Governments

Renfro, Charles G. - The Practice of Econometric Theory, e-kirja

The Practice of Econometric Theory

Renfro, Charles G.


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Charles Renfro
3. Econometric Computation
Charles Renfro
4. Econometric Software
Charles Renfro
5. Econometric Diagnostic Tests
Charles Renfro
6. The Basic Statistics
Charles Renfro