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Smith, Lisa Mooney - Knowledge Transfer in Higher Education, e-kirja

Knowledge Transfer in Higher Education

Smith, Lisa Mooney


Table of contents
1. The Changing Landscape: A Survey of Key Moments and Documents
Lisa Mooney Smith
2. Current Reflections: A Knowledge Driven Society, 2000–2005
Lisa Mooney Smith
3. Creativity Research in the East Midlands (CreEM):…

Schierenbeck, Christian - Fixing Higher Education, e-kirja

Fixing Higher Education

Schierenbeck, Christian


Table of contents
1. A New Way to Think about Productivity
Christian Schierenbeck
2. The Productivity Crisis in Traditional Higher Education
Christian Schierenbeck
3. Higher Education’s Golden Opportunity
Christian Schierenbeck
4. Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education
Christian Schierenbeck

O'Connor, Pat - Gendered Success in Higher Education, e-kirja

Gendered Success in Higher Education

O'Connor, Pat


The Athena SWAN Charter: Promoting Commitment to Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions in the UK
Sarah Barnard
9. Making a Difference: National and Local Initiatives for Gender Equity in New Zealand

Everett, Daniel L. - Shaping the Future of Business Education, e-kirja

Shaping the Future of Business Education

Everett, Daniel L.


Business, Management Education, and Leadership for the Common Good
Anders Aspling
Part II. The Business Education Perspective
5. Integrating Liberal Learning into the Accounting Curriculum
Catherine A. Usoff
6. Mathematics and Auditing: How Liberal-Arts

Dameron, Stéphanie - The Future of Management Education, e-kirja

The Future of Management Education

Dameron, Stéphanie


Trends and Challenges in Management Education around the World
Thomas Durand, Stephanie Dameron
2. Higher Education in Management: The Case of the United States
Irene M. Duhaime, Tracy A. Widman
3. Higher Education in Management: The Case of Germany