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Büscher, Monika - Ethnographies of Diagnostic Work, e-kirja

Ethnographies of Diagnostic Work

Büscher, Monika


Table of contents
1. Ethnographies of Diagnostic Work: Introduction
1. Ethnographies of Diagnostic Work: Introduction
Monika Büscher, Dawn Goodwin, Jessica Mesman
Part I. Finding Fault with Fault-Finding
2. Reading the Signs: Prison Officers’ Mindful Diagnosis of Potential Self-Harm and Suicide

O'Doherty, Damian P. - Reconstructing Organization, e-kirja

Reconstructing Organization

O'Doherty, Damian P.


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Loungification
Damian O’Doherty
2. ‘MAG Men’: Access to the Corridors of Corporate Power
Damian P. O’Doherty
3. The Management of Escape: Scattered Attention and Disorderly Convulsion

Larsen, Lotta Björklund - A Fair Share of Tax, e-kirja

A Fair Share of Tax

Larsen, Lotta Björklund


Table of contents
1. Exchanges Create Relations
Lotta Björklund Larsen
2. Taxpayers’ Relation to Their State
Lotta Björklund Larsen
3. Taxpayer to Taxpayer Relation
Lotta Björklund Larsen
4. Tensions between Paying and…

Davidov, Veronica - Ecotourism and Cultural Production, e-kirja

Ecotourism and Cultural Production

Davidov, Veronica


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Two Museums
Veronica Davidov
2. Historical Foundations and Contemporary Dimensions of Kichwa Ecotourism
Veronica Davidov
3. Ecotourism: Nature, Culture, and Ethnocentrism
Veronica Davidov

Ciesielska, Malgorzata - Qualitative Methodologies in Organization Studies, e-kirja

Qualitative Methodologies in Organization Studies

Ciesielska, Malgorzata


Table of contents
1. Qualitative Research in Organization Studies
Dariusz Jemielniak, Malgorzata Ciesielska
2. Paradigms in Qualitative Research
Bartosz Sławecki
3. Grounded Theory
Przemysław Hensel, Beata Glinka
4. Visual Anthropology
Slawomir Magala
5. Action Research
Davydd J. Greenwood

Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn - Asian Qualitative Research in Tourism, e-kirja

Asian Qualitative Research in Tourism

Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn


Qualitative Research Skill Training: Learning Ethnography in the Field
Stuart Hayes, Hazel Tucker
8. Working and Traveling in New Zealand: A Reflective Narrative in the Field
Hongrui Zhu, Hazel Tucker, Tara Duncan
9. The Qualitative Other: An Autoethnography

Baldassar, Loretta - Native and Immigrant Entrepreneurship, e-kirja

Native and Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Baldassar, Loretta


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Simone Guercini, Gabi Dei Ottati, Loretta Baldassar, Graeme Johanson
2. Liabilities of Native and Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the Processes of Globalization
Simone Guercini, Gabi Dei Ottati, Loretta Baldassar, Graeme Johanson
3. Chinese Immigration to Italy and Economic