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Audretsch, David B. - Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, e-kirja

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Audretsch, David B.


Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Foundations of Place-based Renewal
Allan O’Connor, Erik Stam, Fiona Sussan, David B. Audretsch
2. Deconstructing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Concept
Lisa Daniel, Christopher J. Medlin, Allan O’Connor, Larissa Statsenko,

Rong, Ke - Business Ecosystems, e-kirja

Business Ecosystems

Rong, Ke


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
Ke Rong, Yongjiang Shi
Part I. Background Exploration of Business Ecosystem
2. Industrial Challenges
Ke Rong, Yongjiang Shi
3. Literature Review
Ke Rong, Yongjiang Shi

Mercier-Laurent, Eunika - Innovation Ecosystems, e-kirja

Innovation Ecosystems

Mercier-Laurent, Eunika


The capacity to innovate is a fundamental resource for organizations as well as the true wealth of a society. To contribute fully to the prosperity of an organization, region or country, the innovation process - which is not only technology-based - requires…

Sunderasan, Srinivasan - Enabling Environment, e-kirja

Enabling Environment

Sunderasan, Srinivasan


Table of contents
1. Rainmakers
Srinivasan Sunderasan
2. The Irrelevance of Political Populism
Srinivasan Sunderasan
3. The Persistence of Green Goodwill
Srinivasan Sunderasan
4. Broad-Basing “Green” Stock Market Indices