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Catal?, Joaqu?n - Construction Management, e-kirja

Construction Management

Catal?, Joaqu?n


The management of construction projects is a wide ranging and challenging discipline in an increasingly international industry, facing continual challenges and demands for improvements in safety, in quality and cost control, and in the avoidance of contractual

Fiedler, Martin - Lean Construction – Das Managementhandbuch, e-kirja

Lean Construction – Das Managementhandbuch

Fiedler, Martin


Entwicklung von Lean Management hin zu Lean Construction
Quirin Kitzmann, William Brenk
6. Der Lean Ansatz im Hinblick auf die Baubranche
Martin Fiedler, Janosch Dlouhy, Marco Binninger
7. Lean Construction in Bauherrenorganisationen

Goodhew, Steve - Sustainable Construction Processes: A Resource Text, e-kirja

Sustainable Construction Processes: A Resource Text

Goodhew, Steve


This book explores the concepts and practicalities that lead to sustainable construction. It breaks new ground by providing the reader with the underlying principles of how to build sustainably and then assesses many of the tools required for the task. From energy to materials and from procurement

Fabozzi, Frank J. - Portfolio Construction and Analytics, e-kirja

Portfolio Construction and Analytics

Fabozzi, Frank J.


A detailed, multi-disciplinary approach to investment analytics
Portfolio Construction and Analytics provides an up-to-date understanding of the analytic investment process for students and professionals alike. With complete and detailed coverage of portfolio analytics and modeling