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Hübner, Hartmut - The Communicating Company, e-kirja

The Communicating Company

Hübner, Hartmut


Table of contents
I..Theoretical context
1. Introduction
2. Purpose of the study
3. Methodological considerations
4. Reference points for theory development
5. Presentation of case study
6. Analysis of case…

Rosina, Margarete - The Power of Communicating the Family Firm Status, e-kirja

The Power of Communicating the Family Firm Status

Rosina, Margarete


Study 1: The power of a family firm brand: An experiment in how communicating the family status affects consumer brand choice and willingness to pay
Margarete Rosina
5. Study 2: Family firms and consumer happiness: Are consumers of family firm products happier

Brounstein, Marty - Communicating Effectively For Dummies, e-kirja

Communicating Effectively For Dummies

Brounstein, Marty


Communicating Effectively For Dummies shows you how to get your point across at work and interact most productively with bosses and coworkers. Applying your knowledge and skill to your job is the easy part; working well with others is often the hard part. This helpful guide lets you maximize

Kuhnke, Elizabeth - Communication Essentials For Dummies, e-kirja

Communication Essentials For Dummies

Kuhnke, Elizabeth


Utilising a core range of simple skills, this friendly guide shows you how easy it is to communicate effectively. You'll find out how to listen actively, establish rapport, communicate with credibility, manage communication in