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Pedneault, Stephen - Anatomy of a Fraud Investigation, e-kirja

Anatomy of a Fraud Investigation

Pedneault, Stephen


In each phase, the author provides insights based on his twenty-two years as a forensic accountant from where to sit at the table when you bring the suspected fraudster in for questioning, to how you protect the key sources of information that the suspect will try

Gee, Sunder - Fraud and Fraud Detection: A Data Analytics Approach, e-kirja

Fraud and Fraud Detection: A Data Analytics Approach

Gee, Sunder


Readers will learn to use complex data analysis techniques, including automation scripts, allowing easier and more sensitive detection of anomalies that require further review. The companion website provides access to a demo version of IDEA, along with sample scripts

 - Insiders' Guide to Technology-Assisted Review (TAR), e-kirja

Insiders' Guide to Technology-Assisted Review (TAR)


Understand TAR mechanics, processes, and technologies, as taught by EY experts
Insider’s Guide to Technology-Assisted Review provides professionals with a thorough understanding of the process that is becoming increasingly important to the legal industry. With detailed discussion of the methods, technologies, and practices