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Minkenberg, Michael - The Radical Right in Eastern Europe, e-kirja

The Radical Right in Eastern Europe

Minkenberg, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Minkenberg
2. Concepts: Analyzing the East European Radical Right
Michael Minkenberg
3. Contexts: Legacies and the Transformation Process
Michael Minkenberg
4. Contents: Organizational…

Bafoil, François - Central and Eastern Europe, e-kirja

Central and Eastern Europe

Bafoil, François


Table of contents
1. Introduction Modernization, Europeanization, and Path Dependency
François Bafoil
2. The Legacies. Picture of a Political Economy of Soviet-Style Socialism
François Bafoil
Part 1. The Formation of the Central States

Lasinska, Katarzyna - Social Capital in Eastern Europe, e-kirja

Social Capital in Eastern Europe

Lasinska, Katarzyna


Table of contents
1. Exploring social capital in Poland
Katarzyna Lasinska
2. Social capital – conceptual framework and empirical findings
Katarzyna Lasinska
3. Communist legacy and systemic transition
Katarzyna Lasinska