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Kandiah, Michael D. - Britain in Global Politics Volume 2, e-kirja

Britain in Global Politics Volume 2

Kandiah, Michael D.


Britain, the United States and the Issue of ‘Limited War’ with China, 1950–54
Kevin Ruane
5. ‘To Stay or to Walk’: The British and the Defence of Domestic Jurisdiction at the United Nations, 1950–56
Edward Johnson
6. ‘A Cardinal Point

Meagher, Thomas M. - Financing Armed Conflict, Volume 2, e-kirja

Financing Armed Conflict, Volume 2

Meagher, Thomas M.


The War to End All Wars: Wilsonian Democracy and Resourcing World War One
Thomas M. Meagher
4. Defeating the Axis of Evil: Resourcing World War Two
Thomas M. Meagher
5. Communism Contained: Resourcing the Korean

Droux, Joëlle - Globalizing Social Rights, e-kirja

Globalizing Social Rights

Droux, Joëlle


Global Corporatism after the First World War — the Indian Case
Madeleine Herren
10. Dictatorship and International Organizations: The ILO as a ‘Test Ground’ for Fascism
Stefano Gallo
11. US New Deal Social

Peters, Rik - History as Thought and Action, e-kirja

History as Thought and Action

Peters, Rik


On the basis of published and unpublished writings this study carefully reconstructs their debate on the relationship between thought and action, following their explorations of art, history, philosophy and action in the context of the First World War

Thompson, William R. - Systemic Transitions, e-kirja

Systemic Transitions

Thompson, William R.


Whether and How Global Leadership Transitions Will Result in War: Some Long-Term Predictions from the Steps-to-War Explanation
John A. Vasquez
8. Implications of Asia’s Rise to Global Status
Jacek Kugler, Ronald L. Tammen
9. Kantian Dynamics and Systemic