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Girard, Muriel - Turkish Cultural Policies in a Global World, e-kirja

Turkish Cultural Policies in a Global World

Girard, Muriel


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Turkish Cultural Policies in a Global World—Circulations, Territories, and Actors
Muriel Girard, Jean-François Polo, Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
Part I. The Kemalist Legacy
2. Circulation of Humanism and Classicism During the Second World War in Turkey: The Case of the Painters’

Casey, Mark - Men, Masculinities, Travel and Tourism, e-kirja

Men, Masculinities, Travel and Tourism

Casey, Mark


Taiwanese Men’s Wife-Finding Tours in Southeast Asian Countries and China
Chun-Yu Lin
11. Risky Business: How Gender, Race, and Culture Influence the Culture of Risk-Taking among Sex Tourists
Yasmina Katsulis
12. Recognising Homoeroticism in Male