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Abram, Simone - Green Ice, e-kirja

Green Ice

Abram, Simone


Greenland, My Greenland—Accessing Greenlandic History, Identity and Nation-building through its Nation-branding Strategy, a Tourist Website and 247 Comments
Astrid Andersen
5. Afterword
Juan Francisco Salazar

Hao, Xiaofei - Motion Pictures and the Image of the City, e-kirja

Motion Pictures and the Image of the City

Hao, Xiaofei


Au Revoir Taipei: Tourist view on the space of empathy
Xiaofei Hao
5. City, film and destination: Comparative analysis on the image of the city between Yi Yi and Au Revoir Taipei
Xiaofei Hao
6. Conclusions and discussion
Xiaofei Hao

Maciocco, Giovanni - Enhancing the City, e-kirja

Enhancing the City

Maciocco, Giovanni


Urban Tourist Precincts as Sites of Play
Bruce Hayllar, Tony Griffin
2. Authentic Places, Simulacrum Places
5. The Tourist City, the Dream and the Reversal of Time
Silvano Tagliagambe
6. Disney-ality and Forgetfulness:

Malikhao, Patchanee - Culture and Communication in Thailand, e-kirja

Culture and Communication in Thailand

Malikhao, Patchanee


Table of contents
1. Thai Buddhism, the Mass Media, and Culture Change in Thailand
Patchanee Malikhao
2. Analyzing the “Dhammakaya Case” Online
Patchanee Malikhao
3. Violence Against Thai Females
Patchanee Malikhao
4. A Village in the Jungle: Culture and Communication in Thailand

Esterhammer, Angela - Romanticism, Rousseau, Switzerland, e-kirja

Romanticism, Rousseau, Switzerland

Esterhammer, Angela


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Patrick Vincent, Diane Piccitto, Angela Esterhammer
2. Romantic Education, Concealment, and Orchestrated Desire in Rousseau’s Emile and Frances Brooke’s Julia Mandeville
Enit K. Steiner
3. Romantic Suicide, Contagion, and Rousseau’s Julie
Michelle Faubert

Uysal, Muzaffer - Handbook of Tourism and Quality-of-Life Research, e-kirja

Handbook of Tourism and Quality-of-Life Research

Uysal, Muzaffer


Subjective Aspects of Tourists’ Quality-of-Life (QOL)
Ruhet Genç
10. Medical Travel and the Quality-of-Life
Erik Cohen
11. Physical, Psychological, and Social Aspects of QOL Medical Tourism
Ruhet Genç
12. Place Affinities, Lifestyle Mobilities,

Botterill, David - Medical Tourism and Transnational Health Care, e-kirja

Medical Tourism and Transnational Health Care

Botterill, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Botterill, Tomas Mainil, Guido Pennings
Part I. Tourists as Patients
2. Sickness, Health, Tourism and the Ever-Present Threat of Death: Nineteenth-Century Spa and Seasonal Travel
David M. Bruce
3. A Way Through the Maze: Exploring Differences and Overlaps Between

Cobb, Russell - The Paradox of Authenticity in a Globalized World, e-kirja

The Paradox of Authenticity in a Globalized World

Cobb, Russell


Tourists as Primitives? Inverting the Tourist Gaze in The Lost Steps by Alejo Carpentier
Jeannine M. Pitas
10. The Database as a Distressed Genre
John Venecek
Part IV. Cut, Paste, Authenticate: Literary Studies and the Question of Authenticity

Clarke, Kristen - Seeking Higher Ground, e-kirja

Seeking Higher Ground

Clarke, Kristen


The Rebuilding of a Tourist Industry: Immigrant Labor Exploitation in the Post-Katrina Reconstruction of New Orleans
Loren Redwood
Part III. Race and Repression
11. “Do you know What It Means … ?”: Mapping Emotion in the Aftermath of Katrina