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Albrecht, Eduardo Zachary - Alter-globalization in Southern Europe, e-kirja

Alter-globalization in Southern Europe

Albrecht, Eduardo Zachary


Table of contents
1. Protest and Power
Eduardo Zachary Albrecht
2. Alter-globalization in Southern Europe
Eduardo Zachary Albrecht
3. Lifestyle Stereotypes
Eduardo Zachary Albrecht
4. Music and Politics, a Utopian Narrative
Eduardo Zachary Albrecht
5. A Ternary Model of Political Resistance:

Ambrosini, Maurizio - Irregular Immigration in Southern Europe, e-kirja

Irregular Immigration in Southern Europe

Ambrosini, Maurizio


Convergences and Divergences: Southern European Policies on Irregular Immigration
Maurizio Ambrosini
4. Becoming a Borderland: The “Refugee Crisis” in Italy and Beyond
Maurizio Ambrosini
5. Conclusion: The “Battleground” of Migration Governance

Parker, Noel - The Geopolitics of Europe’s Identity, e-kirja

The Geopolitics of Europe’s Identity

Parker, Noel


Notions of “Europe”: Where Does Europe’s Southern Margin Lie?
Michelle Pace
10. The Ritual of Listening to Foreigners: Appropriating Geopolitics in Central Europe
Merje Kuus
11. Boundary-making in Europe’s