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Cresswell, Tim - Place: A Short Introduction, e-kirja

Place: A Short Introduction

Cresswell, Tim


A short introduction to one of the most fundamental concepts in human geography Marries everyday uses of the term "place" with the more complex theoretical debates that have grown up around it Makes the debates intelligible to students, using familiar stories

Gray, Jonathan - Television Studies, e-kirja

Television Studies

Gray, Jonathan


 The second edition includes an examination of how internet-distributed services such as Netflix have adjusted the stories, industrial practices, and audience experience of television.
For all those wondering how to study television, or even why to study television,

Tuominen, Kari - The Rockwood files: tales from the hood, e-kirja

The Rockwood files: tales from the hood

Tuominen, Kari


The Rockwood Files is a collection of inspirational short stories that tell how several courageous inner city residents struggled to rise above the obstacles they faced in search of a better life. Visit the fictitious neighborhood of Rockwood Square

Cresswell, Tim - Place: An Introduction, e-kirja

Place: An Introduction

Cresswell, Tim


• A thoroughly revised and updated edition of this highly successful short introduction to place
• Features a new chapter on the use of place in non-geographical arenas, such as in ecological theory, art theory and practice, philosophy, and