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Gardner, John - Rethinking the Clinical Gaze, e-kirja

Rethinking the Clinical Gaze

Gardner, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction: ‘Where Great Need Meets Great Uncertainty’
John Gardner
2. Understanding Innovation and the Problem of Technology Adoption
John Gardner
3. A History of Deep Brain Stimulation
John Gardner

Higgins, Vaughan - Calculating the Social, e-kirja

Calculating the Social

Higgins, Vaughan


Table of contents
1. Standards and Standardization as a Social Scientific Problem
Vaughan Higgins, Wendy Larner
Part I. The Global and Local Politics of Standardizing
2. Calculating Hybrids
Peter Miller, Liisa Kurunmäki, Ted O’Leary
3. Gendering Codes of Conduct: Chiquita Bananas and Nicaraguan Women

Johnson, Ericka - Gendering Drugs, e-kirja

Gendering Drugs

Johnson, Ericka


New Puberty; New Trans: Children, Pharmaceuticals and Politics
Celia Roberts, Cron Cronshaw
Part II. Creating Subjectivities for “Patients” in Advertising
5. Prescribing Relational Subjectivities
Ericka Johnson, Cecilia Åsberg
6. You Will Protect

Ambler, Charles - Drugs in Africa, e-kirja

Drugs in Africa

Ambler, Charles


The Illegal Trade in Pharmaceuticals: Historical Cases from West Africa
Donna A. Patterson
8. Tanzanian Heroin Users and the Realities of Addiction
Sheryl Mccurdy
9. Out of the Shadows: Negotiations and Networks in the Cannabis Trade in Eastern Democratic

Turshen, Meredeth - Women’s Health Movements, e-kirja

Women’s Health Movements

Turshen, Meredeth


Table of contents
1. Women Organizing: Activism Worldwide
Meredeth Turshen
2. The Global Context
Meredeth Turshen
3. The Triple Day: Women’s Home, Community, and Workplace Environments
Meredeth Turshen
4. Fighting for Good Health Services, Struggling with the Pharmaceutical Industry

Casper, Monica J. - Corpus, e-kirja


Casper, Monica J.


Materializing Hope: Racial Pharmaceuticals, Suffering Bodies, and Biological Citizenship
Jonathan Xavier Inda
5. Embodying Food Studies: Unpacking the Ways We Become What We Eat
Darcy A. Freedman
6. Epistemologies of Fatness: The Political Contours

Webster, Andrew - New Technologies in Health Care, e-kirja

New Technologies in Health Care

Webster, Andrew


Understanding the ‘Productivity Crisis’ in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Over-regulation or Lack of Innovation?
Paul Martin, John Abraham, Courtney Davis, Alison Kraft
14. Regulating Hybridity: Policing Pollution in Tissue Engineering and Transpecies Transplantation

Koivusalo, Meri - Commercialization of Health Care, e-kirja

Commercialization of Health Care

Koivusalo, Meri


Indian Pharmaceutical Companies and Accessibility of Drugs under TRIPS
Sudip Chaudhuri
11. International Collaboration on Medical Device Regulation: Issues, Problems and Stakeholders
Christa Altenstetter
12. Restructuring Global Health Policy-Making: