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Banks, Mark - The Politics of Cultural Work, e-kirja

The Politics of Cultural Work

Banks, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introducing Cultural Work
Mark Banks
2. ‘Culture Industry’ and Cultural Work
Mark Banks
3. Governmentality and Cultural Work
Mark Banks
4. The Construction of Creativity
Mark Banks
5. Choice, Reflexivity and ‘Alternative’ Cultural Work
Mark Banks
6. Space,

Corry, Olaf - Constructing a Global Polity, e-kirja

Constructing a Global Polity

Corry, Olaf


Global Governmentality and the Domestic Analogy
Olaf Corry
4. Models of Political Structure in International Relations
Olaf Corry
5. What Is a (Global) Polity?
Olaf Corry
Part II. A Global Polity Under Construction?
6. Governing Globality

Hook, Derek - Foucault, Psychology and the Analytics of Power, e-kirja

Foucault, Psychology and the Analytics of Power

Hook, Derek


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Derek Hook
2. Disciplinarity and the Production of Psychological Individuality
Derek Hook
3. ‘Desubstantializing’ Power: Methodological Injunctions for Analysis
Derek Hook
4. Discourse, Knowledge, Materiality, History: Foucault and Discourse Analysis

Henman, Paul - Governing Electronically, e-kirja

Governing Electronically

Henman, Paul


The Governmentality of E-government
Paul Henman
Part II. Domains of E-government
4. E-Welfare
Paul Henman
5. E-Tax
Paul Henman
6. E-Health
Paul Henman
Part III. Reconfigurations of Government
7. Reconfiguring Public Administration

Enayat, Hadi - Islam and Secularism in Post-Colonial Thought, e-kirja

Islam and Secularism in Post-Colonial Thought

Enayat, Hadi


Violence, Governmentality and the ‘Othering’ of the Modern Nation-State
Hadi Enayat
4. Secular and Religious Reason and Islam as a ‘Discursive Tradition’
Hadi Enayat
5. Secularization Theory and its Discontents
Hadi Enayat
6. The Body,

Krause, Wanda - Women in Civil Society, e-kirja

Women in Civil Society

Krause, Wanda


Rentier Governmentality: Activism in UAE Women’s Organizations and Clubs
Wanda Krause
4. Women and Islamist Politics: Activism in Islamic-Oriented Associations
Wanda Krause
5. Women’s Activism through Networking
Wanda Krause
6. Women in