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Lockwood, Kelly - Feminist Narrative Research, e-kirja

Feminist Narrative Research

Lockwood, Kelly


Introduction: Doing Feminist Narrative Research
Jo Woodiwiss, Kate Smith, Kelly Lockwood
Part I. Why Feminist Narrative Research?
2. Challenges for Feminist Research: Contested Stories,

Evans, Mary - Introducing Contemporary Feminist Thought, e-kirja

Introducing Contemporary Feminist Thought

Evans, Mary

Alk. 23,75€

This introductory textbook offers a concise and lucid account of the main developments in contemporary feminist thinking, and demonstrates the centrality of feminist thought to all areas of intellectual enquiry.
In a wide-ranging discussion, Evans

Sadiqi, Fatima - Moroccan Feminist Discourses, e-kirja

Moroccan Feminist Discourses

Sadiqi, Fatima


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fatima Sadiqi
2. The Berber Challenge
Fatima Sadiqi
3. The Historicity of Berber Women’s Agency
Fatima Sadiqi
4. Sources of Authority in Moroccan Culture
Fatima Sadiqi
5. Secular and Islamic Feminist Discourses
Fatima Sadiqi
6. The Berber Dimension

Mendes, Kaitlynn - Feminist Erasures, e-kirja

Feminist Erasures

Mendes, Kaitlynn


Feminist Erasures: The Development of a Black Feminist Methodological Theory
Alexandra Moffett-Bateau
Part II. Feminism in Popular Culture
5. Illegible Rage: Performing Femininity in Manhattan Call Girl
Katherine Hindle
6. Empowered Vulnerability?:

Stevens, Lara - Feminist Ecologies, e-kirja

Feminist Ecologies

Stevens, Lara


Climate Guardian Angels: Feminist Ecology and the Activist Tradition
Denise Varney
9. Thinking–Feminism–Place: Situating the 1980s Australian Women’s Peace Camps
Alison Bartlett
10. Performing Ghosts, Emotion and Sensory Environments

Chamberlain, Prudence - The Feminist Fourth Wave, e-kirja

The Feminist Fourth Wave

Chamberlain, Prudence


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Prudence Chamberlain
2. The Wave Narrative
Prudence Chamberlain
3. What is feminist time keeping?
Prudence Chamberlain
4. Affective Temporalities
Prudence Chamberlain
5. Why Fourth Wave Now?
Prudence Chamberlain
6. Feminist Futurities

Kantola, Johanna - Feminists Theorize the State, e-kirja

Feminists Theorize the State

Kantola, Johanna


Comparisons of Feminist Discourses about the State
Johanna Kantola
6. Gender, State and New Institutions
Johanna Kantola
7. New Directions for Feminist State Theory
Johanna Kantola

Guest, Carly - Becoming Feminist, e-kirja

Becoming Feminist

Guest, Carly


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carly Guest
2. Narratives and Memories of Feminism
Carly Guest
3. Rebecca: Class, Politics and Family
Carly Guest
4. Aaliyah and Jenny: Feminist Hope
Carly Guest
5. Richa, Ruby and Beth: Feeling Feminism
Carly Guest
6. The Memory-Work Group: Feminist

Lazar, Michelle M. - Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis, e-kirja

Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis

Lazar, Michelle M.


Politicizing Gender in Discourse: Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis as Political Perspective and Praxis
Michelle M. Lazar
Part I. Post-Equality? Analyses of Subtle Sexism
2. Power and Discourse at Work: Is Gender Relevant?
Janet Holmes
3. The