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Lahai, John Idriss - The Ebola Pandemic in Sierra Leone, e-kirja

The Ebola Pandemic in Sierra Leone

Lahai, John Idriss


The Ebola Pandemic: Meaning, Origins, and the Pathways of Eruption and Spread
John Idriss Lahai
3. Representations: Between Uncertainty, Epistemology and Political Dominance
John Idriss Lahai
4. Interventions: How Actors Mediated Between and Honoured

Pennington, Hugh - Have Bacteria Won?, e-kirja

Have Bacteria Won?

Pennington, Hugh


He reports on outright victories (such as smallpox), battles where the enemy is on its last stand (polio), surprise attacks from vegetarian bats (Ebola, SARS) and demented cows (BSE). Qualified optimism, he argues, is the message for the future but the battles will

Amzat, Jimoh - Towards a Sociology of Health Discourse in Africa, e-kirja

Towards a Sociology of Health Discourse in Africa

Amzat, Jimoh


Table of contents
1. Key Concepts in Healthcare Delivery
Jimoh Amzat, Oliver Razum
2. The Right to Health in Africa
Jimoh Amzat, Oliver Razum
3. Healthcare Delivery Systems
Jimoh Amzat, Oliver Razum
4. Health Financing and Insurance in Africa
Jimoh Amzat, Oliver Razum
5. African Culture and

Nixon, Kari - Endemic, e-kirja


Nixon, Kari


Dark Zones: The Ebola Body as a Configuration of Horror
Catherine Belling
4. Needles and Bullets: Media Theory, Medicine, and Propaganda, 1910–1940
Ghislain Thibault
Part II. Digital Virality
5. Immunizing the Social Network: Public Health and

Brightman, Marc - The Anthropology of Sustainability, e-kirja

The Anthropology of Sustainability

Brightman, Marc


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Anthropology of Sustainability: Beyond Development and Progress
Marc Brightman, Jerome Lewis
2. Anthropology at the Time of the Anthropocene: A Personal View of What Is to Be Studied
Bruno Latour
3. A Threat to Holocene Resurgence Is a Threat to Livability
Anna Lowenhaupt