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Homewood, Katherine - Staying Maasai?, e-kirja

Staying Maasai?

Homewood, Katherine


Still “People of Cattle”? Livelihoods, Diversification and Community Conservation in Longido District
Pippa Chenevix Trench, Steven Kiruswa, Fred Nelson, Katherine Homewood
7. Cattle and Crops, Tourism and Tanzanite: Poverty, Land-Use Change and Conservation

Meier, Lars - The New Middle Classes, e-kirja

The New Middle Classes

Meier, Lars


Consumerist Lifestyles in the Context of Globalization: Investigating Scenarios of Homogenization, Diversification and Hybridization
Katina Kuhn
5. Who are the Globalizers? The Role of Education and Educational Elites
Steffen Mau
6. Provider Strategies