Haku "cash management"

Cash, Corrine - Water, Energy, Food and People Across the Global South, e-kirja

Water, Energy, Food and People Across the Global South

Cash, Corrine


Mitigating the Korle Lagoon Ecological Pollution Problem in Accra, Ghana, Through a Framework for Urban Management of the Environment
Jeffrey Squire
6. La Plata River Basin: The Production of Scale in South American Hydropolitics
Luis Paulo Batista Silva

Bengtsson, Tea Torbenfeldt - The Danish Welfare State, e-kirja

The Danish Welfare State

Bengtsson, Tea Torbenfeldt


Precarity and Public Risk Management: Trends in Denmark across Four Decades
Stefan B. Andrade
6. Toward a New Culture of Blame?
Morten Frederiksen
7. When Family Life Is Risky Business—Immigrant Divorce in the Women-Friendly Welfare State

Sudoh, Osamu - Digital Economy and Social Design, e-kirja

Digital Economy and Social Design

Sudoh, Osamu


Organization-Issued Cash in a Digital Economy
Hiroshi Deguchi
5. Strategic Alliances and Innovative Performance in Network Industries: The Case of the Mobile Internet in Japan and Europe
Michael Haas, Franz Waldenberger
6. Value Creation on Networks