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Malainey, Mary E. - A Consumer's Guide to Archaeological Science, e-kirja

A Consumer's Guide to Archaeological Science

Malainey, Mary E.


Blood and Protein Residue Analysis
Mary E. Malainey
16. Ancient DNA and the Polymerase Chain Reaction
Mary E. Malainey
17. Pottery and Other Ceramics
Mary E. Malainey
18. Flaked and Ground Stone Tools
Mary E. Malainey
19. Bones and Teeth

Dagosto, Marian - PRIMATE ORIGINS: Adaptations and Evolution, e-kirja

PRIMATE ORIGINS: Adaptations and Evolution

Dagosto, Marian


Episodic Molecular Evolution of Some Protein Hormones in Primates and Its Implications for Primate Adaptation
S. Yi, W.-H. Li
22. Parallelisms Among Primates and Possums
D. T. Rasmussen, R. W. Sussman
23. Perspectives on Primate Color Vision