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Green, Rita - Statistical Analyses for Language Testers, e-kirja

Statistical Analyses for Language Testers

Green, Rita


Table of contents
1. Data Entry
Rita Green
2. Checking and Correcting Data Files
Rita Green
3. Item Analysis
Rita Green
4. Descriptive Statistics
Rita Green
5. Analysing Test Taker Feedback
Rita Green
6. Comparing…

Danaher, Patrick Alan - Myths in Education, Learning and Teaching, e-kirja

Myths in Education, Learning and Teaching

Danaher, Patrick Alan


Demythologizing Teaching and Learning in Education: Towards a Research Agenda
Marcus K. Harmes, Henk Huijser, Patrick Alan Danaher
Part I. Myths about Learning and Teaching
2. Learning Power: Taking Learning-Centredness Seriously in a Blended Learning Environment

Jule, Allyson - Gender and the Language of Religion, e-kirja

Gender and the Language of Religion

Jule, Allyson


Gender, Language Patterns and Religious Thought
2. An Overview of God and Gender in Religion
Münevver Tekcan
3. The Gender of God: Judeo-Christian Feminist Debates
Francis Britto
4. Asymmetries of Male/Female Representation in Arabic

Coles-Ritchie, Marilee - Inciting Change in Secondary English Language Programs, e-kirja

Inciting Change in Secondary English Language Programs

Coles-Ritchie, Marilee


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Can We Blame the Teachers?
Marilee Coles-Ritchie
2. Community Context: Change Is in the Air
Marilee Coles-Ritchie
3. Contradictory Discourse among Teachers, Administration, and the State: “Let’s Have a More Inclusive School Culture, Which Assimilates All Students”