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Caldwell, Ann E. - Human Physical Fitness and Activity, e-kirja

Human Physical Fitness and Activity

Caldwell, Ann E.


Advantages of Evolutionary Theory for Understanding Physical Activity
Ann E. Caldwell
2. Physical Activity and Life History Theory
Ann E. Caldwell
3. Phylogeny and Life History Patterns
Ann E. Caldwell
4. Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure

Hublin, Jean-Jacques - Modern Origins, e-kirja

Modern Origins

Hublin, Jean-Jacques


Table of contents
1. A Multiproxy Paleoclimate Reconstruction over the Last 250 kyr from Marine Sediments: The Northwest African Margin and the Western Mediterranean Sea
A. Moreno
2. A Northeast Saharan Perspective on Environmental Variability…

Hublin, Jean-Jacques - The Evolution of Hominin Diets, e-kirja

The Evolution of Hominin Diets

Hublin, Jean-Jacques


Modern Human Physiology with Respect to Evolutionary Adaptations that Relate to Diet in the Past
Staffan Lindeberg
5. Hunting and Hunting Weapons of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Europe
Paola Villa, Michel Lenoir
6. Neanderthal and Modern Human

Hovers, Erella - Human Paleontology and Prehistory, e-kirja

Human Paleontology and Prehistory

Hovers, Erella


Middle Pleistocene Homo Crania from Broken Hill and Petralona: Morphology, Metric Comparisons, and Evolutionary Relationships
G. Philip Rightmire
12. Thermoregulation in Homo erectus and the Neanderthals: A Reassessment Using a Segmented Model
Mark Collard,