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Hamilton, Lindsay - Ethnography after Humanism, e-kirja

Ethnography after Humanism

Hamilton, Lindsay


Table of contents
1. Introduction: An Ecology of Ethnographic Methods
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
Part I. Foundations
2. Why Ethnography?
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
3. Listening for the Voices of Animals
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor
4. What Can Ethnography Be?
Lindsay Hamilton, Nik Taylor

Cooper, Elizabeth - Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa, e-kirja

Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa

Cooper, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa: An Introduction
Elizabeth Cooper, David Pratten
Part One. Social Contingencies
2. Contingency: Interpersonal and Historical Dependencies in HIV Care
Susan Reynolds Whyte, Godfrey Etyang Siu
3. Charity and Chance: The Manufacture of Uncertainty

Dahl, Jens - A Comparative Ethnography of Alternative Spaces, e-kirja

A Comparative Ethnography of Alternative Spaces

Dahl, Jens


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to Alternative Spaces
Jens Dahl, Esther Fihl, Birgitte Schepelern Johansen
2. The United Nations and the Indigenous Space
Jens Dahl
3. The Legitimacy of South Indian Caste Councils
Esther Fihl

Pardo, Italo - The Palgrave Handbook of Urban Ethnography, e-kirja

The Palgrave Handbook of Urban Ethnography

Pardo, Italo


Introduction: Urban Ethnography Matters—Analytical Strength, Theoretical Value and Significance to Society
Italo Pardo, Giuliana B. Prato
Part I. Paradigmatic Reflections
2. From Jaffa to New York: The Scope of Urban Anthropology
Moshe Shokeid

Auyero, Javier - New Perspectives in Political Ethnography, e-kirja

New Perspectives in Political Ethnography

Auyero, Javier


From Confusion to Common Sense: Using Political Ethnography to Understand Social Mobilization in the Brazilian Northeast
Wendy Wolford
2. Losing Face in Philippine Labor Confrontations: How Shame May Inhibit Worker Activism
Rosanne Rutten
3. Radical

Sykes, Karen - Ethnographies of Moral Reasoning, e-kirja

Ethnographies of Moral Reasoning

Sykes, Karen


An Introduction to the Ethnography of Moral Reasoning
1. Residence: Moral Reasoning in a Common Place—Paradoxes of a Global Age
Karen Sykes
2. Valuers and Value: Words on an Uncommon Ground
2. Privatization: Jokes, Scandal, and Absurdity in a Time of

Buchowski, Michał - New Ethnographies of Football in Europe, e-kirja

New Ethnographies of Football in Europe

Buchowski, Michał


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michał Buchowski, Małgorzata Z. Kowalska, Alexandra Schwell, Nina Szogs
Part I. Beginnings
2. Going for the Reds: Max Gluckman and the Anthropology of Football
Robert Gordon, Marizanne Grundlingh