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Gorard, Stephen - Equity in Education, e-kirja

Equity in Education

Gorard, Stephen


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Reconsidering What Schools Are For
Stephen Gorard, Emma Smith, David Greger, Dennis Meuret
2. Querying the Traditional Role of Schools in Attainment
Stephen Gorard, Emma Smith, David Greger,…

Green, Andy - Education and State Formation, e-kirja

Education and State Formation

Green, Andy


The Uneven Development of National Education Systems in the West
Andy Green
3. The Social Origins of National Education Systems
Andy Green
4. Education and State Formation
Andy Green
5. Education and Statism in Continental Europe
Andy Green

Cole, Mike - Critical Race Theory and Education, e-kirja

Critical Race Theory and Education

Cole, Mike


Multicultural Education and Antiracist Education in the United States and the United Kingdom
Mike Cole
6. CRT Comes to the United Kingdom: A Critical Analysis of David Gillborn’s Racism and Education
Mike Cole

Kaplin, William A. - The Law of Higher Education, e-kirja

The Law of Higher Education

Kaplin, William A.


Based on the fourth edition of The Law of Higher Education—the indispensable guide to law that bears on the provision of higher education—this Student Edition provides an up-to-date reference and guide for coursework in higher education

Themelis, Spyros - Social Change and Education in Greece, e-kirja

Social Change and Education in Greece

Themelis, Spyros


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Spyros Themelis
2. Social Stratification and Class Analysis
Spyros Themelis
3. Social Mobility: Issues, Trends, and Critique
Spyros Themelis
4. The Political Economy, Social Stratification, and Class Formation in Postwar Greece
Spyros Themelis
5. Education,

Loxley, Andrew - Higher Education in Ireland, e-kirja

Higher Education in Ireland

Loxley, Andrew


The Transformation of Higher Education in Ireland, 1945–80
John Walsh
3. A Contemporary History of Irish Higher Education, 1980–2011
John Walsh
4. From Seaweed & Peat to Pills & Very Small Things: Knowledge Production and Higher Education

Abdi, Ali A. - Issues in African Education, e-kirja

Issues in African Education

Abdi, Ali A.


Sociology of Education: Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives
Ali A. Abdi, Ailie Cleghorn
2. African Philosophies of Education: Counter-Colonial Criticisms
Ali A. Abdi
3. National “Development” and African

Shuayb, Maha - Rethinking Education for Social Cohesion, e-kirja

Rethinking Education for Social Cohesion

Shuayb, Maha


From Social Cohesion to Social Justice and Care in Education: Revisiting the Theory and Practice
Maha Shuayb
3. Education, Social Cohesion and Human Rights
Hugh Starkey
4. Multicultural Citizenship and Social Cohesion: Reflecting on the Case Study of

Green, Andy - Education, Equality and Social Cohesion, e-kirja

Education, Equality and Social Cohesion

Green, Andy


Introduction: Education and the Rediscovery of Social Cohesion
Andy Green, John Preston, Jan Germen Janmaat
2. Education and Social Cohesion: Re-Centring the Debate
Andy Green, John Preston, Jan Germen Janmaat
3. Educational Inequality and Social Cohesion: