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Waldron, Vincent R. - Communicating Emotion at Work, e-kirja

Communicating Emotion at Work

Waldron, Vincent R.


Communicating Emotion at Work chronicles the rich emotional experiences of employees drawn from a broad cross-section of industries and occupations. It takes a decidedly positive approach, recognizing that emotional communication is a vital and creative response to the challenges of life

Rock, Frances - Communicating Rights, e-kirja

Communicating Rights

Rock, Frances


Table of contents
Part I. Rights and Research: Orientation and Theory
1. Introduction
Frances Rock
2. Beyond Language as Transmission
Frances Rock
Part II. Writing Rights
3. Introducing Written Rights Communication

Yu, Han - Communicating Genetics, e-kirja

Communicating Genetics

Yu, Han


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Visualizing Genetics for Public Readers
Han Yu
2. The Photographic View: Observational Record and Symbolic Excess
Han Yu
3. The Microscopic View: Minuscule Science and Art
Han Yu
4. The Illustrated…

Claessens, Michel - Communicating European Research 2005, e-kirja

Communicating European Research 2005

Claessens, Michel


Why Communicating European Research?
Michel Claessens
2. Thinking Science, Talking Science
Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis
3. Let’s Make Science The Next Headline
Janez PotoCnik
4. Information and Communication Technology Research and its Impact

Thussu, Daya Kishan - Communicating India’s Soft Power, e-kirja

Communicating India’s Soft Power

Thussu, Daya Kishan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Daya Kishan Thussu
2. De-Americanizing Soft Power
Daya Kishan Thussu
3. The Historical Context of India’s Soft Power
Daya Kishan Thussu
4. India Abroad: The Diasporic Dividend
Daya Kishan…

Allingham, Sue - Transitions in the Early Years, e-kirja

Transitions in the Early Years

Allingham, Sue


This title looks at how to support young children during the many transitions they go through in their early education. This book includes how to: support transitions between the home, childminders, pre-schools, reception classes and Key Stage One, manage…

Melling, Barbara - Creative Activities for the Early Years, e-kirja

Creative Activities for the Early Years

Melling, Barbara


The activities encourage children to use their imagination to communicate ideas, and develop their gross and fine motor skills. The activities are grouped by popular early years themes and can be used as a complete programme or as a dip-in resource.