Haku "Great Britain"

Belford, Paul - Archaeological Practice in Great Britain, e-kirja

Archaeological Practice in Great Britain

Belford, Paul


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Great Britain
John Schofield, John Carman, Paul Belford
2. A History of Archaeology in Great Britain
John Schofield, John Carman, Paul Belford
3. Britain’s Archaeological Resource: A Brief Survey
John Schofield, John Carman, Paul Belford
4. Legal and Administrative

Scott, John - Who Rules Britain?, e-kirja

Who Rules Britain?

Scott, John


Combining a review of existing sociological theory on class and capitalism with material drawn from a great variety of sources it is likely to become a standard course text.
Examining the question of whether there is still a ruling class in Britain,

Brülle, Jan - Poverty Trends in Germany and Great Britain, e-kirja

Poverty Trends in Germany and Great Britain

Brülle, Jan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jan Brülle
2. Concepts and Explanations of Poverty
Jan Brülle
3. Methods and Data
Jan Brülle
4. The Changing Structure of Poverty Risks
Jan Brülle
5. Labour Market Risks, Households,…

Deane, Alexander - The Great Abdication, e-kirja

The Great Abdication

Deane, Alexander


To restore Britain to something resembling a substantively functioning country, the middle classes must reinstate themselves as arbiters of morality, be unafraid to judge their fellow men, and follow through with the condemnation that necessarily follows when individuals

Preston, P. W. - England after the Great Recession, e-kirja

England after the Great Recession

Preston, P. W.


Freedom from ‘Britain’: A Comment on Recent Elite-sponsored Political Cultural Identities
P. W. Preston
5. Cutting Scotland Loose: Soft Nationalism and Independence-in-Europe
P. W. Preston
6. The Other Side of the Coin: Reading the Politics of the

Morris, R. M. - Church and State in 21st Century Britain, e-kirja

Church and State in 21st Century Britain

Morris, R. M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Mapping the Issues
R. M. Morris
Part I. Establishment in Great Britain now
2. Establishment in England: Main Developments since 1800
R. M. Morris
3. Monarchy and Legislature
R. M. Morris
4. Executive, Judiciary and the Legatine Powers
R. M. Morris
5. Financing

Goldstein, Jack - 101 Amazing Facts about Brexit, e-kirja

101 Amazing Facts about Brexit

Goldstein, Jack


On Thursday the 23rd of June 2016 the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland voted to leave the European Union after 43 years of membership. This excellent book guides the reader through what Brexit actually means, explaining