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Sherratt, Fred - Unpacking Construction Site Safety, e-kirja

Unpacking Construction Site Safety

Sherratt, Fred


Unpacking Construction Site Safety provides a different perspective of safety in practice. • examines how useful the concept of safety actually is to the development of effective management interventions • providing new insights and information to

Summerhayes, Stuart D. - CDM Regulations 2015 Procedures Manual, e-kirja

CDM Regulations 2015 Procedures Manual

Summerhayes, Stuart D.


The CDM Regulations require all those involved in construction to adopt an integrated approach to health and safety management. This Procedures Manual provides a documentation system for compliance with the statutory requirements. It is being thoroughly

Evans, Steven C. - The Contractor's NEC3 ECC Handbook, e-kirja

The Contractor's NEC3 ECC Handbook

Evans, Steven C.


Steven Evans, an expert with thirty years of experience in construction, considers all the provisions of the contract and explains the procedures, obligations, and liabilities contained within it. 
NEC3 ECC is a process-based contract based on project management

Vincoli, Jeffrey W. - Basic Guide to System Safety, e-kirja

Basic Guide to System Safety

Vincoli, Jeffrey W.


This book provides guidance on including prevention through design concepts within an occupational safety and health management system. Through the application of these concepts, decisions pertaining to occupational hazards and risks can be incorporated into the process of design and redesign

Haight, Joel M. - Handbook of Loss Prevention Engineering, 2 Volume Set, e-kirja

Handbook of Loss Prevention Engineering, 2 Volume Set

Haight, Joel M.

Alk. 323,40€

As such, this handbook discusses the engineering needs for manufacturing, construction, mining, defense, health care, transportation and quantification, covering the topics to a depth that allows for their functional use while providing additional references should

Brauer, Roger L. - Safety and Health for Engineers, e-kirja

Safety and Health for Engineers

Brauer, Roger L.


Safety and Health for Engineers, 3rd Edition, addresses the fundamentals of safety, legal aspects, hazard recognition and control, and techniques for managing safety decisions, as well as:
Completely revises and updates all 38 chapters in the book New edition adds more than 110  stories and cases from practice to illustrate