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Armstrong, Gary - The Authentic Tawney, e-kirja

The Authentic Tawney

Armstrong, Gary


R.H. Tawney is an iconic thinker in British left-wing circles, whose writings during the early-mid 20th century helped to forge the direction of democratic socialist thinking and Labour Party policies. This book provides a fresh and accessible guide…

Chandler, Amy - Self-Injury, Medicine and Society, e-kirja

Self-Injury, Medicine and Society

Chandler, Amy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Constructing and Situating an Embodied, Sociological Account of Self-Injury
Amy Chandler
2. The Injury and the Wound: Facing the Corporeality of Self-Injury
Amy Chandler
3. A Critical View on Emotions and Self-Injury
Amy Chandler
4. Visibility, Help-Seeking and Attention-Seeking

Kuzmanovic, Daniella - Refractions of Civil Society in Turkey, e-kirja

Refractions of Civil Society in Turkey

Kuzmanovic, Daniella


Table of contents
1. The Makings and Making of Civil Society
Daniella Kuzmanovic
2. Mapping Samimi Civil Society
Daniella Kuzmanovic
3. State, Family, and Authentic Civil Society
Daniella Kuzmanovic
4. Making Sense of Organizations and Activists
Daniella Kuzmanovic
5. Managing in a “World

Smyth, Lisa - The Demands of Motherhood, e-kirja

The Demands of Motherhood

Smyth, Lisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lisa Smyth
2. Modernity, Normativity and Recognition
Lisa Smyth
3. Motherhood’s Normativity
Lisa Smyth
4. Authentic Motherhood: Expressive Individualism
Lisa Smyth
5. Choosing Motherhood: Rational Planning
Lisa Smyth
6. Balancing Acts: Maternal Pragmatism

Reiter, Yitzhak - Jerusalem and Its Role in Islamic Solidarity, e-kirja

Jerusalem and Its Role in Islamic Solidarity

Reiter, Yitzhak


Denial of an Authentic Jewish Connection to Jerusalem and Its Holy Places
Yitzhak Reiter
4. Creating a New Islamic Ethos of Jerusalem
Yitzhak Reiter
5. Islamizing the Conflict
Yitzhak Reiter
6. Actors, Disseminators, and Achievements

Dobson, Amy Shields - Postfeminist Digital Cultures, e-kirja

Postfeminist Digital Cultures

Dobson, Amy Shields


Postfeminist Self-Making: Textual Self-Representation and the Performance of “Authentic”Young Femininity on Social Network Sites
Amy Shields Dobson
6. Digital Girls in Crisis? Seeking Feedback and Representing Pain in Postfeminist Networked Publics

Hofmann, Susanne - Intimate Economies, e-kirja

Intimate Economies

Hofmann, Susanne


The “Authentic Cybertariat”? Commodifying Feeling, Accents, and Cultural Identities in the Global South
Sweta Rajan-Rankin
3. Regulating Sexy Subjects: The Case of Brazilian Fashion Retail and Its Affective Workforce
Nicolas Wasser
4. Emotional

Kirkegaard, Annemette - Playing with Identities in Contemporary Music in Africa, e-kirja

Playing with Identities in Contemporary Music in Africa

Kirkegaard, Annemette


The musics of Africa play a particularly important role in expressing and forming identities. This book brings together African and Nordic scholars from both musicology and other disciplines in an attempt to analyse various aspects of the complex playing with volatile identities in music in Africa today. Taken together the papers