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Gemzöe, Lena - Contemporary Encounters in Gender and Religion, e-kirja

Contemporary Encounters in Gender and Religion

Gemzöe, Lena


Feminist Perspectives on Male Religious Worlds and Masculinization Studies of Religion
3. Feminist Reflections on the Study of the Feminization and Masculinization of Religion
Marja-Liisa Keinänen
4. Working the Way to Santiago de Compostela: Masculinities

Blyth, Caroline - Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion, e-kirja

Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion

Blyth, Caroline


Marriage, Love, or Consensual Sex? Feminist Engagements with Biblical Rape Texts in Light of Title IX
Susanne Scholz
12. Tough Conversations: Teaching Biblical Gender Violence in Aotearoa New Zealand
Emily Colgan, Caroline Blyth

Coutras, Lisa - Tolkien’s Theology of Beauty, e-kirja

Tolkien’s Theology of Beauty

Coutras, Lisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Lisa Coutras
Part I. On Myth
2. A Theology of Beauty
Lisa Coutras
3. Primary Truth
Lisa Coutras
Part II. On Creation
4. The Light of Being
Lisa Coutras
5. Incarnate Beings
Lisa Coutras
6. The Wonder of Being
Lisa Coutras
Part III. On Language

McGrath, Alister E. - Christian Theology: An Introduction, e-kirja

Christian Theology: An Introduction

McGrath, Alister E.


  A new edition of the bestselling Christian theology textbook to celebrate its 25th anniversary Rewritten throughout for exceptional clarity and accessibility, and adds substantial new material on the Holy Spirit Features increased coverage of postcolonial theology, and feminist