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Foote, George William - Bible Romances, e-kirja

Bible Romances

Foote, George William


A fascinating book by famous atheist George William Foote, founder of the secular humanist magazine ‘The Freethinker’. In it he lays out his views on various Biblical stories, such as the Creation story, the Tower of Babel, Noah and the Flood, and…

Curtis-Lowe, Harriet - Where the Streams Meet, e-kirja

Where the Streams Meet

Curtis-Lowe, Harriet


A romance that crossed continents ... A tour of duty ... A spiritual awakening. True story of how the author, a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF, met and married an Indian man; and of how exposure to different cultures led her on a spiritual journey from 'party girl' to learning about, and being

Blyth, Caroline - Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion, e-kirja

Rape Culture, Gender Violence, and Religion

Blyth, Caroline


Let Him Romance You: Rape Culture and Gender Violence in Evangelical Christian Self-Help Literature
Emily Colgan
3. Men’s Ministries and Patriarchy: From Sites of Perpetuation to Sites of Resistance
Robert Berra
4. The Royal Commission Investigates

Donno, Fabrizio - Beyond Catholicism, e-kirja

Beyond Catholicism

Donno, Fabrizio


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fabrizio Donno, Simon Gilson
Part I. Bibles, Saints, and Heresies in Medieval and Early Modern Italy
2. Romancing the Gospel: Italian Vernacular Scripture in the Middle Ages
Brenda Deen Schildgen
3. Preaching, Heresy, and the Writing of Female Hagiography
Beverly Mayne