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Sawyer, John F. A. - Isaiah Through the Centuries, e-kirja

Isaiah Through the Centuries

Sawyer, John F. A.


The first systematic and comprehensive attempt to identify and analyze the role of Isaianic language and imagery in literature, art, and music
Using reception history as its basis for study, Isaiah Through the Centuries is an unprecedented exploration of the afterlife of the Book of

Stevenson, Leslie - Open to New Light, e-kirja

Open to New Light

Stevenson, Leslie


It gives its own “take” on the teaching of Jesus, and on the long and controversial history of Christianity. There is a chapter devoted to George Fox and the beginning of the Quaker movement, suggesting some surprising parallels between the undogmatic spirituality

Leung, Beatrice K.F. - The Catholic Church in Taiwan, e-kirja

The Catholic Church in Taiwan

Leung, Beatrice K.F.


The Inculturation of Liturgical Languages: Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese
John Baptist Min-cheng Huang
7. Chinese Sacred Music in Taiwan After Vatican II: Historical Review and Outcomes
Feng-chuan Liu
8. The Implementation of Catholic Social Teaching

Staub, Dick - About You: Fully Human, Fully Alive, e-kirja

About You: Fully Human, Fully Alive

Staub, Dick


In practical, down-to-earth, language, About You deals with this concept on three levels: anthropologically (our common story and universal human needs), theologically (God’s awareness and response to our needs), and practically (how we can attain and maintain

Sultan, Sohaib - The Koran For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, e-kirja

The Koran For Dummies®

Sultan, Sohaib


Islamic scholar Sohaib Sultan provides a clear road map, revealing:The meaning of Koran and its basic messageThe Koran’s place in history and in Islamic spiritual lifeExplanations of its language, structure, and narrative styleHow to live by the Koran’s

Boudreaux, F. J. - The Happiness of Heaven, e-kirja

The Happiness of Heaven

Boudreaux, F. J.


And, when we are assured that no mortal eye hath seen nor ear heard, nor heart of man conceived the happiness prepared for God's children, we must conclude that the magnificent language describing the heavenly Jerusalem is only symbolical; that the Holy Ghost speaks