Haku "Asian Politics"

Bakar, Osman - Asian Islam in the 21st Century, e-kirja

Asian Islam in the 21st Century

Bakar, Osman


Although more than half of the world's Muslims live in Asia, most books on contemporary Islam focus on the Middle East, giving short shift to the dynamic and diverse presence of Asian Islam in regional and global politics.

Picard, Michel - The Appropriation of Religion in Southeast Asia and Beyond, e-kirja

The Appropriation of Religion in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Picard, Michel


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Local Traditions and World Religions. Encountering ‘Religion’ in Southeast Asia and Melanesia
Michel Picard
2. About Buddhist Burma: Thathana, or ‘Religion’ as Social Space
Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière
3. The (Re)configuration of the Buddhist Field in Post-Communist

Farouk, Omar - Southeast Asian Muslims in the Era of Globalization, e-kirja

Southeast Asian Muslims in the Era of Globalization

Farouk, Omar


The Ulama Network as Conveyor of Islamic World Trends: Connecting Malaysian Politics to the Muslim Ummah Through the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS)
Yuki Shiozaki
6. Globalization: Issues, Challenges and Responses Among the Moros of the Southern Philippines

Osella, Filippo - Islam, Politics, Anthropology, e-kirja

Islam, Politics, Anthropology

Osella, Filippo


Islam, Politics, Anthropology offers critical reflections on past and current studies of Islam and politics in anthropology and charts new analytical approaches to examining Islam in the post-911 world.  Challenges current and past approaches

Rozehnal, Robert - Islamic Sufism Unbound, e-kirja

Islamic Sufism Unbound

Rozehnal, Robert


Sufism and the Politics of Islamic Identity
Robert Rozehnal
3. Muslim, Mystic, and Modern: Three Twentieth-Century Sufi Masters
Robert Rozehnal
4. Imagining Sufism: The Publication of Chishti Sabiri Identity
Robert Rozehnal
5. Teaching Sufism:

Hadiz, Vedi R. - Between Dissent and Power, e-kirja

Between Dissent and Power

Hadiz, Vedi R.


Islamic Politics between Dissent and Power: An Overview
Khoo Boo Teik, Vedi R. Hadiz, Yoshihiro Nakanishi
2. Political Economy and the Explanation of the Islamic Politics in the Contemporary World
Richard Robison