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Stead, William T. - The King of the Jews, e-kirja

The King of the Jews

Stead, William T.


A fantastic retelling of Jesus Christ's last days on Earth translated by British journalist William Thomas Stead from the words of the famous Oberammergau Passion Play.

Sacco, Peter - What's Your Anger Type for Christians, e-kirja

What's Your Anger Type for Christians

Sacco, Peter


Different personality types are examined and the roles they play in anger. The most successful anger management methods will be explained and how readers can apply them for everyday living.

Ward, Graham - True Religion, e-kirja

True Religion

Ward, Graham


Through reference to plays, poetry, novels, films and painting, this manifesto traces the genealogy of ‘true religion' in the western world and makes six controversial claims about the past, present and future of religion.
Traces a transformation in the way religion is understood

Gilman, James E. - Fidelity of Heart : An Ethic of Christian Virtue, e-kirja

Fidelity of Heart : An Ethic of Christian Virtue

Gilman, James E.


What does it take to follow and not merely admire Jesus? How do religious affections reshape the practice of Christian values like love, peace, justice, and compassion? How can they possess both universal truth and local meaning? What role can they play in public life? In Fidelity of Heart

Walker, Janet - Burdens Lifted, e-kirja

Burdens Lifted

Walker, Janet


It's a book about the thirty-three years Father God and Jesus have spent together with me, along with the important part the Holy Spirit has played in that time." Janet Walker.