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Sisters, The English - Stress Free in Three Minutes, e-kirja

Stress Free in Three Minutes

Sisters, The English


The English Sisters, known as the Everyday Hypnotherapists, will take you on a relaxing journey in each of their easy-to-read short stories, which guide you into a comfortable stress-free state of mind in only three minutes. Each

Batthyány, Alexander - Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, e-kirja

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Batthyány, Alexander


The Troubled History of Mood Disorders in Psychiatry: By Edward Shorter. Oxford University Press, 2008 Reviewed by S. Nassir Ghaemi
S. Nassir Ghaemi
33. Philosophical Issues in Psychiatry II. Nosology: By Kenneth S. Kendler and Josef Parnas (Editors), Oxford