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DeJaeghere, Joan G. - Education and Youth Agency, e-kirja

Education and Youth Agency

DeJaeghere, Joan G.


Confronting “The Conditions” of Sénégalese Higher Education: Reframing Representation and Activism
Casey Stafford
Part II. Youth Agency and the Intersectionality of Gender, Religion, and Class
5. Agency as Negotiation:

Alcorn, Marshall Wise - Resistance to Learning, e-kirja

Resistance to Learning

Alcorn, Marshall Wise


Table of contents
1. The Emotional Demands of Information Assimilation
Marshall Wise Alcorn
2. The Psychology and Biology of the Desire not to Know
Marshall Wise Alcorn
3. Symptomatic Fixation, Emotion, and Social Alliance

Cleveland, H. Harrington - Substance Abuse Recovery in College, e-kirja

Substance Abuse Recovery in College

Cleveland, H. Harrington


Table of contents
1. The Need for College Recovery Services
Richard P. Wiebe, H. Harrington Cleveland, Kitty S. Harris
2. Collegiate Recovery Communities: What They Are and How They Support Recovery
Kitty S. Harris, Amanda Baker, H. Harrington…