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Burbank, Victoria Katherine - An Ethnography of Stress, e-kirja

An Ethnography of Stress

Burbank, Victoria Katherine


Life History and Real Life: Fetal Origins of Disease, Ethnography, and History
Victoria Katherine Burbank
4. Feeling Bad: Everyday Stress
Victoria Katherine Burbank
5. Identity
Victoria Katherine Burbank
6. Selves and Others
Victoria Katherine

Ullrich, Helen E. - The Women of Totagadde, e-kirja

The Women of Totagadde

Ullrich, Helen E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Helen E. Ullrich
Part I. Four Families over Four Time Periods
2. The Silent Generation: 1964
Helen E. Ullrich
3. Breaking the Silence: 1978
Helen E. Ullrich
4. Discovering a Voice: 1992

Sangren, P. Steven - Filial Obsessions, e-kirja

Filial Obsessions

Sangren, P. Steven


Table of contents
1. Preface and Overview
P. Steven Sangren
2. Popular Religion, a Chinese Superboy, and “The Investiture of the Gods”
P. Steven Sangren
3. “Filial Piety” and Cultural Difference
P. Steven Sangren

Lemelson, Robert - Afflictions, e-kirja


Lemelson, Robert


Table of contents
Part I. Steps Towards a Visual Psychological Anthropology
1. Visual Psychological Anthropology: A Vignette and Prospectus
Robert Lemelson, Annie Tucker
2. Perspectives on Integrating Ethnographic Film into Psychological…

Kirmayer, Laurence J. - Cultural Consultation, e-kirja

Cultural Consultation

Kirmayer, Laurence J.


Culture Brokers, Clinically Applied Ethnography, and Cultural Mediation
Alessandra Miklavcic, Marie Nathalie LeBlanc
7. Family Systems in Cultural Consultation
Jaswant Guzder
8. Gender, Power and Ethnicity in Cultural Consultation
Jaswant Guzder,