Haku "Construction Management"

Coetzee, Melinde - Psycho-social Career Meta-capacities, e-kirja

Psycho-social Career Meta-capacities

Coetzee, Melinde


Contemporary Career Construction: The Role of Career Adaptability
Laura Nota, Maria Cristina Ginevra, Sara Santilli, Salvatore Soresi
14. Flourishing Interventions: A Practical Guide to Student Development
Llewellyn Ellardus Van Zyl, Marius Wilhelm Stander

Burns, Maree - Critical Bodies, e-kirja

Critical Bodies

Burns, Maree


Representations and Constructions of Body Weight and Body Management
2. Deconstructing Un/Healthy Body-weight and Weight Management
Helen Malson
3. ‘I Feel Ridiculous about Having Had It’ — Critical Readings of Lived and Mediated Stories on Eating

Hicks, Joshua A. - The Experience of Meaning in Life, e-kirja

The Experience of Meaning in Life

Hicks, Joshua A.


A Terror Management Perspective on the Creation and Defense of Meaning
Daniel Sullivan, Spee Kosloff, Jeff Greenberg
3. I Die, Therefore I Am: The Pursuit of Meaning in the Light of Death
Philip J. Cozzolino, Laura E. R. Blackie
4. Meaning Maintenance