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Drewes, Athena A. - School-Based Play Therapy, e-kirja

School-Based Play Therapy

Drewes, Athena A.


The fully updated and revised Second Edition presents an A-to-Z guide for using play therapy in preschool and elementary school settings. This comprehensive reference covers why and how to implement a play therapy program in school settings; play-based

Reid, Steven E. - Game Play: Therapeutic Use of Childhood Games, e-kirja

Game Play: Therapeutic Use of Childhood Games

Reid, Steven E.


The long-awaited revision of the only book on game play available for mental health professionals
Not only is play a pleasurable, naturally occurring behavior found in humans, it is also a driving force in our development. As opposed to the unstructured

Mackrodt, Boris - Team Play, e-kirja

Team Play

Mackrodt, Boris


Table of contents
1. Untersuchungsgestand und Methode
Boris Mackrodt
2. Flexible Arbeit in der Netzwerkgesellschaft
Boris Mackrodt
3. Counter Strike als Spielsystem
Boris Mackrodt
4. Counter Strike als gelingende Zusammenarbeit

Schaefer, Charles E. - Play Therapy with Adults, e-kirja

Play Therapy with Adults

Schaefer, Charles E.


Learn how to incorporate adult play therapy into your practice with this easy-to-use guide
In the Western world there has been a widening belief that play is not a trivial or childish pursuit but rather a prime pillar of mental health, along with

Vass, Andrew - Beat Depression with Self-Help Techniques, e-kirja

Beat Depression with Self-Help Techniques

Vass, Andrew


Through a logical sequence of chapters, each containing a series of tasks, role-playing examples, illuminative illustrations, challenging questions and useful self-help exercises, the reader will gain a practical understanding of the different counselling techniques

Wadeson, Harriet - Art Psychotherapy, e-kirja

Art Psychotherapy

Wadeson, Harriet


The long-awaited new edition of the landmark text defining art therapy
Art therapists use the creative process and the issues that surface during art therapy to help their clients increase insight and judgment, cope with stress, work through traumatic…